What are the meeting and departure times?

Meeting/Briefing Times: 8.30am

Departure Time: 9.00am

Expected Completion is around 3.30-4pm

Please do not be late as Course may not be refunded or deposit will be lost.

Am I allowed to bring family and friends?

Friends, Family are welcome as passengers in your vehicle at no extra charge.

You are encouraged to share the driving with a partner or passengers so they can all benefit, one day you may need them to drive the car.

Am I okay to bring my pet along?

Pets are not allowed on training courses, for safety reasons over rough terrain and for the well being of other customers who may be allergic or uncomfortable around animals

Is alcohol allowed?

For legal and safety reasons bringing or consuming alcohol is not permitted on training courses, this includes passengers of your vehicle.

How do I know if my vehicle is suitable?

Any vehicle with an AWD system/ 4WD system, Minimum 170mm Ground Clearance and weighing less than 2000kg will be able to complete most courses, check the ‘Client’ page for a list of typical vehicles. if you are unsure please contact us and we can confirm if you car is suitable.

Low Range is not necessary for training courses.

What if I have no equipment?

We supply a full set of recovery equipment that will be demonstrated on the day.
if you have some of your own gear, please bring it so we can check its suitability and show you its correct use on your vehicle.

UHF Radio, Tire Gauge/Deflator and an air compressor are required on the day and can be hired if you don’t have these items.