Training Information

We Provide Full Day 4WD Training for Compact 4WD’s, AWD’s and SUV’s.
You drive your own vehicle and gain valuable skills you can learn and use for many years to come, promoting the safe and sustainable use of vehicles in assorted off-road conditions.

Courses are charged per Vehicle, so you are welcome to bring a partner, friends or family and share the driving if you wish.
Bring your own lunch and snacks, plenty of drinking water and a camp chair on the day.
Requirements: Current Drivers Licence, Registered and Roadworthy Vehicle in suitable working order.
Groups are capped at 5 Vehicles to ensure all participants get quality, personal, equal training.
Larger Groups can be catered for in special custom courses, inquire now and see what we can work out for you and your group.

Introductory Sand and Beach Driving Course

Never driven on a beach? Haven’t driven a compact 4WD or SUV/AWD Car off-road?
This Beginners Beach Course is the ideal start to gain valuable skills on how to drive your vehicle on soft beaches. Even if you have been driving a Large 4WD off-road for years, this course will show you the handle differences and different driving techniques required to use these cars on soft sandy beaches  – Perfect Course to have the confidence to take the family out to the beach and enjoy WA’s sunny weather

Intermediate Bush, Beach and Sand Dune Driving

If you are a beginner or have some prior experience off-road, the Intermediate course will expand your skills and your knowledge of the vehicles capabilities over a good assortment of terrains, including gravel, small rocks, sand dunes, beach and bush tracks. By the end of the day you will have a great understanding of the terrain your vehicle can cover, how to drive in a safe manner, without getting bogged and causing damage to your vehicle – Great Course to get you to those more remote tracks and down to that prefect camping or fishing spot

Rock, Gravel and Bush Driving

Come explore some bush terrain, forest tracks and and rocky hills to experience off-road driving in your compact 4WD or SUV in a good variety of undulating and rutted tracks, elevating your off-road skills to a higher level and being able to negotiate difficult terrain – Prepare yourself for extended getaways and remote trips.

Advanced Sand Dune Driving

The advanced sand dune driving course is aimed for those that have some off-road experience but need experience in more difficult situations. This Course will leave you with the confidence and skills to handle large sand dunes, steep climbs and sharp drop offs – Essential Course to prepare for extended remote trips across Australia’s Coastal Dunes and Inland Desert sands.

Group & Corporate Training Packages

With more companies expanding to the SUV market for their choice in Fleet Cars, so does the need to understand the full uses of the vehicles, and knowing what to do in different terrains and situations you may come across.

Find yourself or your staff covering more gravel and unsealed roads? Travelling to remote areas? Come across challenging terrain or flooded / washed away roads? Visiting Construction sites with soft sand? Book a course today and learn the safest methods to approach these situations to ensure you arrive to your destination, on time, every time and return home safely at the end of every day.

3/4 or Full day training is available, with a variety of terrain options to choose depending on your needs. All equipment is supplied to carry out the demonstrations.