About Us

I set up Premium SUV offroad Training in 2014 with the goal to provide specialist training for owners of Compact 4WD’s, SUV’s and AWD cars and pass on my skills and knowledge of the true capability of these vehicles. Having owned a Subaru Forester since 2009 I have been out to many different locations across WA and found the full extent of its capabilities, and certainly its limitations. I am passionate about enjoying the amazing outdoor lifestyle available to us in Australia, and keen to help other families and explorers get the most out of their vehicle so they to can enjoy this great land we share.

I have been a Member of the Subaru 4WD Club of WA since 2009 where i have been apart of some great trips and experiences. I am apart of the committee and have occupied executive roles over the years, this year I have been a volunteer trip leader for a total of 7 trips. at the 2014 Annual dinner i was the proud recipient of a few awards, being the ‘Trip of the Year”, ‘Trip Leader of the Year’and the prestigious “Club Member of the Year’

I look forward to having the opportunity to take you out and share the knowledge, skills, and values I have learnt so you can get the most out of your vehicle, with safety and confidence.

Adrian Longwood.

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