Advanced Sand Dune Driving

Course Details

The advanced sand dune driving course is aimed for those that have some off-road experience but need experience in more difficult situations. This Course will leave you with the confidence and skills to handle large sand dunes, steep climbs and sharp drop offs.

  • Beach and Sand Driving fundamentals
  • Suitable for all ages,
  • No experience necessary
  • 1-1.5hrs from Metro Area – Gnangara or Preston
  • Suitable for most SUV’s and compact 4WD’s
  • Hill ascents and descents techniques
  • Tire Pressures and their effects in soft terrain
  • Factors that lead to getting stuck (‘bogged’)
  • Tire types, patterns, and profiles
  • Environmental impact
  • Weather assessments and impact (temp/winds/daylight/tides)
  • Vehicle Impact/component wear and tear
  • Recovery methods, demonstrations and equipment
  • Assessing condition and suitability of recovery equipment
  • Driver, passenger, pedestrian and other vehicle safety
  • Vehicle drive system understanding
  • Basic Vehicle Maintenance checks
  • Vehicle features and electronic systems and their effects on/off-road
  • Terrain assessment and vehicle capabilities assessment
  • Driver ability/experience assessment
  • Destination considerations – preparation and planning
  • SUV specific Off-road products
  • Generic Off-road Products
  • Vehicle Modification/protection and upgrade options
  • UHF/CB Radio usage, features / limitations

Training Area Location

Advanced Sand Dune Driving

November 26, 2017
8:30 AM
Event Passed

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